Bucket Boss 55033 Builders Rig Review

Bucket Boss 55033 Builders Rig is an extremely light weight and easy to use tool belt which is perfect for everyday use of construction workers, carpenters, seasonal workers and electricians. It is a handy model which is supplied with the pockets which may be easily adjusted and reversed. The Bucket Boss is the manufacturer which is one of the world leaders in producing the equipment and tools for contractors, builders, site-workers. This brand provides the high quality and usefulness of all parts of the product.

This model of tool belt is made of modern, strong and ergonomic material, the nylon, which is also very nice to wear and light weight.

Bucket Boss 55033 Builders Rig electrician tool belt is supplied with deep pockets, the pouches, which may be also removed or changed. The pockets are folded, so that it is very comfortable to keep the small things inside like nails or screws or bolts.

The belt is easily adjusted and may fit very large sizes – from 27 and up to 52 inches of waist size. The belt is additionally padded which provides extra durability and the belt is not hanging or stretching beneath the hips, but is positioned stably. There is a special loop for hanging the hammer, and the additional small sized pockets which may be used for keeping a very small things like knifes, squares, pencils, etc. There is a separate pouch for storing the measuring tapes.

The Bucket Boss Builders Rig tool belt is designed in the way to make the adjusting of the belt easy and the system of how the pockets and pouches are located and how they may be reversed and moved is really the flexible one. You should not have to spend much time on fixing and putting on the tool belt as well as you will easily find all the necessary tools and instruments. The belt itself is really wide, so it will comfortably sit on your hips, well fixed and without hard pressure.

Bucket Boss 55033 Builders Rig Features

  • Reversed taper pouches
  • Padded belt matches 28 to 52-in. waists
  • Pleated pouches keep nails securely
  • Detachable pockets
  • Made of durable Anso-tex nylon

Bucket Boss 55033 Builders Rig Reviews

The weight of Bucket Boss 55033 tool belt model is just around 2 pounds without instruments. You may easily order some additional bucket boss features like for example holder for the drill or the organizer for the tools. And you may always purchase the suspenders for the better equality of the weight and tension.

The belt spine is doing very well; it is protecting the belt from compression. The pockets are supplied with the inner smaller ones, for holding extra small things, which make it possible to independently store different small instruments and easily find them in the pocket.

The light weight and the design of the Bucket Boss Builders Rig tool belt make it a good tool belt for the whole day. It is easy and handy so even the beginners or non-professional carpenters or constructors may use it. The design of this tool belt is really pretty, it is made in brown and green colors, strong, light and long-lasting.