Design Your Backyard Patio

You can if you are confident enough, you can design your backyard patio and save on professional fees. Collect as many home décor books from where you can collect useful ideas. You should also visit homes with appealing patios where you could borrow from. Here are some thoughts that will help you design your backyard patio.

Flooring materials

Next, consider what materials you are planning to use depending on your budget. You have a choice from Stone veneer, brick, pavers, stamped and colored and plain concrete. All are good building materials for patios. Study the various advantages and disadvantages of each concerning cost before making your decision.

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Open or covered

Do you want a covered or open patio? If you are planning to use it throughout the year, and during the day, then the chances are that you will prefer a covered patio.  This will provide shade and also shelter from rain and snow, making your patio an all-weather relaxation area. If it is going to be covered, you have a range of choices. Again study costs concerning the utility. You can choose from patio umbrellas, offset umbrellas, gazebos, aluminum patio covers, pergolas, awnings and sail shades. But you might have some surrounding shade trees in which case you would prefer an open patio. You’d save on roofing cost. The choice is yours.

Patio furniture

Patio furniture comes in a wide range of designs, materials, and cost. The key is to decide what you want, then go for furniture that is good and durable. You can choose from aluminum, wickerwork, wrought iron, plastic, and wood. Make certain what you choose has been treated and able to withstand all weather conditions. One way of going about it is to start with the basics then add furniture as you go along.

Other features

If you plan on outdoor cooking, you will need a grill or barbecue. An alternative is to go for a fire pit with a grill for cooking. If you want to be extravagant, you might consider a complete outdoor kitchen.

A water feature is always soothing and relaxing. Choose between a fountain and waterfall. There are many styles and options open to you. Most of the water features that are available are simple to install. They need filling with water, plugging in and they’re ready to go.

Other features you might like to add are birdfeeders, planters, sundials, and clocks. The list of small features is endless.

Special lighting and lighting effects are the final touches which will make your patio something special. Lighting is a must especially if you are planning on entertaining and using your patio at night.

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