How to Keep Spiders off CCTV Cameras

If you thought that you’re done with your CCTV camera after you installed it, think twice and check it the very next morning. You may have a little surprise from the spiders who actually triggered your camera by motion alerts.

We tried to figure out why do spiders love so much the CCTV cameras and, more importantly, how to keep them at a distance. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a look at our tip list as you may find something helpful and easy to apply right away for your camere supraveghere.

Why do spiders love CCTV cameras so much anyway?

No, spiders don’t actually love your CCTV cameras, they go after the bugs that love your cameras. Many nocturnal bugs (moths are a great example) use the light of the moon and stars for guiding themselves at night, so this is why they go after the infrared light as well. As your CCTV cameras use infrared light, you may get to understand why the nocturnal bugs come to the cameras.

Since your cameras use infrared LEDs, it’s only natural for the bugs to come at your cameras. In addition, this is how the spiders come to your CCTV cameras as well.

Let us not forget to mention that you’ve also hide your camera under some eaves from rain and this is great for a spider to attach its web…it’s almost like you’ve welcome it into your CCTV cameras…

Why not use pesticides?

In most cases, we all have some pets or kids around the house and last thing you want is to harm them by using pesticides.

Additionally, it’s not as this is the best way to get rid of spiders, as they are quite tough when it comes to poison anyway.

Break news? Spiders may actually skip through pesticide barriers so their exposure to the chemicals is little to none. As they don’t ingest poison from their legs either, it’s quite obvious why you shouldn’t use pesticide on spiders. Simply because it just doesn’t work.

How to get rid of them then?

There are several ways to get rid of spiders from your security cameras but most of them aren’t permanent, so you may have to repeat them as often as you need.

  1. The strong pesticides

We didn’t change our mind about the pesticides, but we’re talking about the real thing here. You should use this kind of stuff far away from any living person. We talk about the strong pesticides (Country Vet CV-80D, Bifen) that have long residual time in soil, hanging for quite some time.

  1. The easy tricks

This is fun and efficient at the same time and a fan may keep spiders at distance as well. They won’t be able to build webs anymore and the flying insects won’t come too close to your CCTV cameras either. After all, spiders came for the food so as long as there isn’t any for them…they’re not attracted to your cameras.

Get a low-priced computer fan and connect it to your camera’s power connector. Do it meticulously and check the voltage compatibility, even though we talk about low current draw in this case.

  1. The lubricants

You may try using a lubricant, silicon or Teflon spray to cover the body of your CCTV camera. Do it nice and carefully, without covering the lens. Better yet, cover the lens with some paper towel while you do it.

You can also use a brush or a rag to rub it on the camera.

Going for a tight budget? Try Vaseline instead. It’s gonna stay for longer also and have the same effect, keeping spiders at distance.

  1. The flea collars

Even though they’re made for fleas, they also work for the spiders. This is an easy trick to do. You get a flea, tick collar, and loop it around your CCTV camera. You may get some nice surprises, they say.

  1. Static free

This method is for those who really want to get rid of spiders without harming them. You simply attach a drier sheet around the cameras as the strong smell keeps at distance the bugs. You may also use a rubber band to hold it on so it’s easier for you to know when it’s time to change it. The rubber band breaks when it’s time to change it J

  1. Moth balls

We all know moth balls keep away from your cameras not only moths but all sorts of bugs, which we all know by now it’s spider’s food. You may get some good results for a couple of months by filling a pair of panty hose or spare screen material with some mothballs. Attach it to the camera with a zip tie or a rubber band and enjoy the results.

  1. Vinegar and other liquids

Non-toxic, cheap and so easy to find, vinegar is a great solution for deterring all sorts of bugs. As it smells like some rotting fruit, some type of flies may also come around, though. Therefore, it may be a tricky solution, as you need to figure out which type of insects the spiders on your CCTV cameras like J

  1. Change the location

We don’t mean to change the location of the camera, but of the infrared LEDs. You may disable the IR LEDs on the camera, if that’s possible with your camera. You can mount an external illuminator a couple of feet away. A high quality unit is going to do even a better job and keep the spiders away from your CCTV camera.


We’re not done and there are many other simple, interesting ways to keep the spiders away from your CCTV cameras. Either you go for a natural way, or a more aggressive one, it’s always good to know there are solutions.