Roomba 761 Review

The Roomba 761 belongs to the iRobot 700 s eerie s of property vacuum robotics. The 700 collections of vacs are created specifically to hound the trickiest trouble locations. Like the 650 this horrific gunk buster may be arranged for around 7 cleansing periods. This could be numerous opportunities a time, or one day each week.

Our company utilized the 761 in our shop and also the workplace, therefore preparing multiple times a day was very practical. Our team is typically out accumulating gunk on the weekend breaks, and also do not transfer it on the production line until Monday. Flexibility in scheduling is incredibly good and also removes the need to babysit the robot.

The 761 does not possess the Wi-Fi, but it features a distant that enables straightforward computer programming and management of the robot. You shed the ability to control with your phone, yet you also don’t just rely on a Wi-Fi relationship to sustain management over the bot.

The attractive components of the iAdapt responsive navigating built by iRobot is an enriched body that enables the 761 to much more accurately browse and confirm its cleaning trends to match your residence. The 761’s slim profile permits it to know where your furniture is located, and just how to come to the complicated allergen that snoop unaware areas underneath furnishings.

The last captivating component of the 761 is the sophisticated HEPA allergen filters. Our experts team up with vacuums constantly, and also especially produce messes that will create our grannies agonize. Along with the clutters come sneezing and also watered-down eyes. After a short opportunity of examining the 761, we needed to fill a handful of fewer cells in the shop.



  • Long two hour battery life
  • Automatic return to charge base
  • Surprisingly quite
  • Adaptive navigation reduces getting stuck


  • Can take multiple passes to clean an area
  • Does get stuck behind doors and in grooves in doorways
  • Can be a hazard to rug tassels and loose cords