Swisher 34-Ton 12.5 HP Log Splitter Review

With the way the world is going especially concerning money a cheaper and more effective method for providing a comfortable temperature in any household, is to have a wood burning stove. Even if many people already have a wood burning stove, they are going to need ready to burn split wood. Even many people who have one have a hard time just finding the time to split their wood to size for the stove. This is where someone who has the time and the wood can make some money.

People will pay someone to come cut their logs, or they will pay you for wood you have, as long as it comes to them already spilled and ready to go. If you think this is a good business venture for you, you are going to want to invest in a very good wood splitter, such as the Swisher 34-Ton 12.5 HP Log Splitter (Non-CARB Compliant) #LS12534D.

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The Swisher 34-Ton 12.5 HP Log Splitter (Non-CARB Compliant) #LS12534D is an ideal device for personal as well as professional use. This particular machine has a very powerful twelve horsepower engine that drives the whopping thirty four ton ram! This device has a heavy duty two-step hydraulic pump that makes for the best possible performance when splitting any size and type of logs. Size is especially not an issue if you are using the splitter on the horizontal setting and you cannot get the log in place to split it, you need to change the device over to its vertical position that allows for even bigger diameter logs, and from there you will have not a problem.

The heavy-duty steel frame and large sharpened steel wedge also make for much, much easier and quicker splitting. This machine also has an exclusive clutch design good for those professionals who need to use their electric splitter year round. This clutch design is made for cold weather to prevent problems when starting your machine. With this clutch, you never have any problems trying to start your machine even though it is a pull start model. This splitter is also very valuable to the professional owner who will need to move it too many different locations, which will be a cinch with the two-inch ball hitching device that is included with the purchase.

Overall, if you have a large quantity of wood, you need to get split, and fast, without the hassle of a manual log splitter this would be a good model for you to have.

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